Thursday, May 4, 2017

How to Prioritize the Important Things in Life

The president of Health Mate, Inc., in Southeast Michigan, Dr. Sandra Schiff serves as a business development coach, consultant, and Certified Peoplemap™ trainer. Moreover, Dr. Sandra Schiff has worked with the YMCA of Metropolitan Detroit’s I Rise Family Empowerment Program, where she presented a Family Forum session on how to prioritize the most important things in life. Since prioritization is a challenge with which many struggle, here are some useful tips for practicing it.

1. After creating a list of the challenges you want to overcome, think about what is most important to you. Order the list on that basis.

2. Instead of spreading yourself thin, focus on your top priorities, as this ensures that those tasks will be completed quickly and you develop as a person.

3. Understand the purpose behind everything you do and ensure that the challenges you confront all serve that purpose. Doing so helps you to cut out the tasks that don’t actually move you forward.

4. Leave yourself some room to take time away from your work and life so you can enjoy the things that make you happy, such as hobbies or time with friends. This time will prove invaluable as it helps you to recharge and approach your challenges with renewed vigor.

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