Friday, May 19, 2017

Wayne State University Receives Future of Nursing Scholars Grant

Committed to helping individuals and organizations alike achieve their potential, Dr. Sandra Schiff focuses on career, leadership, and transitional coaching. An alumna of The Union Institute with a PhD in organizational development, Dr. Sandra Schiff received both her MSW and BA from Wayne State University (WSU), where she serves as an adjunct faculty member.

WSU recently joined a select group of universities when its College of Nursing was selected as a recipient of the Future of Nursing Scholars grant. Along with fewer than 30 other universities to offer the scholarship, WSU will be able to provide more assistance to nurses who are looking to earn their PhDs.

Funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the scholarship will be granted in the spring to a student who will begin his or her doctoral studies the following fall. Via the grant, students not only receive financial support and mentorship, but also gain access to opportunities to develop their leadership skills in preparation for management roles within the nursing profession.

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