Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Cooking Vegetarian Meals for Everyone to Enjoy

Dr. Sandra Schiff, president of Health Mate, Inc., a company that provides individuals with various consulting, training, and coaching services, believes strongly in the importance of mental and physical health for all the individuals in a community. In addition to walking and biking regularly, Dr. Sandra Schiff loves to cook and maintains a vegetarian diet filled with creative recipes.

Vegetarian recipes can be satisfying and healthy for all types of eaters. Reducing meat in the diet reduces the consumption of saturated fat and cholesterol, and vegetarian meals often provide a greater amount of dietary fiber and other important vitamins and minerals. Although it may seem challenging to some, a few helpful guidelines can make vegetarian cooking an easy process for any experienced cook.

Balance is an important detail to take into consideration when cooking vegetarian meals. Creating a meal that combines the right amounts of protein and fiber leads to feeling satisfied without overeating. Combining foods of different flavors and textures in a vegetarian dish excites the palate. Another strategy for cooking savory vegetarian meals is adding chewy or crunchy foods like seared tofu or nuts. Because of the extra chewing involved, the meal feels more filling and can even mimic the chewing of meat.

Slow roasting vegetarian food improves the taste and flavor of meatless meals, as it reduces the amount of water in vegetables, which originally consist of 80 to 95 percent water. A vegetarian lasagna sauce made with slow-roasted tomatoes is a savory choice for those accustomed to ground beef lasagna. The inclusion of so-called umami ingredients, which are high in glutamate, also gives vegetarian meals an appealing taste without the use of meat. These ingredients include asparagus, tomatoes, and seaweed as well as soy foods like tofu and edamame.                            


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