Monday, November 23, 2015

Being Present for Your Grandchildren

Friday, November 13, 2015

How a Life Transitions Coach Helps a Person Overcome Challenges

The president of Health Mate, Inc., Sandra Schiff, PhD, offers consulting and training services in Southeastern Michigan. In addition, Dr. Sandra Schiff possesses substantial experience in coaching individuals through life transitions.

From changing careers to getting a divorce, a person will face many challenges throughout his or her lifetime. However, such transitions can often be life altering and less devastating with proper coaching. A life transitions coach helps people carry out a more purposeful life by teaching methods for coping with and adapting to change. He or she analyzes a client’s passions, interests, strengths, and beliefs to develop solutions that move them closer toward achieving his or her goals.

In order for coaching to be effective, a person must commit to change and take deliberate steps toward improving his or her situation. This is part of the co-creative process of coaching which includes acknowledging personal patterns and obstacles that have potentially sabotaged growth over time. In addition, a client has to be willing to make decisions outside of his or her comfort zone, knowing that change can be positive. This not only aids in handling current life transitions but also prepares a person to tackle future scenarios with greater preparation.

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For nearly two decades, Dr. Sandra Schiff has served as the president of Health Mate, Inc., in Southeast Michigan, where she provides car...