Friday, December 4, 2015

Continuing Education for Social Workers at Wayne State University

In addition to acting as president of Health Mate, Inc., Dr. Sandra Schiff serves as a part-time faculty member at Wayne State University School of Social Work. Dr. Sandra Schiff is one of the many distinguished faculty at Wayne State, a nationally respected university with a main campus in Detroit, Michigan, and six extension centers in the southeast part of the state.

Part of the mission of the Wayne State School of Social Work is to advance the social work profession. One way that the school does this is to offer continuing education programs for practicing social workers.

Continuing education through the Wayne State University School of Social Work is notable in a number of ways. Wayne State works closely with many social service agencies in the Greater Detroit area to make education opportunities available within actual workplaces. Instructors are highly experienced; in fact, some have been practicing social workers for over 30 years. Both workshops and longer, ongoing educational opportunities are offered, and topics reflect the latest trends, developments, and research within the social work profession.

These classes and workshops give practicing social workers a chance to interact with their peers, learn new skills, and get new perspectives on their profession. All continuing education through the School of Social Work at Wayne State is part of the larger commitment of the department to serving the Detroit metropolitan area.

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