Thursday, June 23, 2016

About the Now What? Coaching Program

As a personal, transition, and leadership coach, Dr. Sandra Schiff draws on training in a variety of techniques and methodologies. Certified as a Care Transitions coach and a PeopleMap facilitator, Dr. Sandra Schiff recently received her credential as a facilitator of the Now What? Coaching system®.

Based on the book by Laura Berman Fortgang, the Now What?® Coaching methodology empowers the pursuit of positive change. It is a fully customizable curriculum that aligns each individual's life and professional situation to his or her needs, wants, and values. Certified facilitators lead clients through the program over the course of 90 days, during which time the client develops a specific action plan geared toward pursuit of a particular goal.

The program centers on the belief that the client's sense of purpose will drive his or her success. For this reason, Now What? facilitators and program representatives do not review a client's resume, but instead assess work situation as part of an individual's entire life experience. Meanwhile, clients engage in in-depth reflection and complete weekly assignments to reveal new goals that successfully excite and motivate over nine out of 10 individuals to move forward.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

An Explanation of Leadership Coaching

The owner of SMS Coaching and Health Mate, Inc., in southeast Michigan, Dr. Sandra Schiff offers leadership and executive coaching as well as personal and transitional support. Dr. Sandra Schiff comes to her role having trained and guided leaders in a variety of fields.

Like an athletic coach, a leadership coach helps his or her client to develop and work toward goals. For the business leader, however, this coaching addresses the skills that he or she needs to achieve professional success. Coaches assist clients with interpersonal communication, personal branding, and business acumen, so as to establish a foundation for comprehensive success.

In a leadership coaching session, the coach works closely with the client as a partner and guide. A skilled coach will listen closely to the client and develop an understanding of potential obstacles to success, while collaborating to determine goals and strategies for reaching them. In drawing on client strengths and offering assistance in improving on weaknesses, a coach optimizes a client’s overall leadership capabilities and, in turn, drives value for his or her organization.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Now What? - A 90-Day Program to Help People Live Their Best Lives

A Southeast Michigan-based coaching services professional with over three decades of experience, Dr. Sandra Schiff has served as president of Health Mate, Inc., since 1999. In addition to being a certified Care Transition Coach, Dr. Sandra Schiff is an Authorized Facilitator of the Now What? Program.

Developed by bestselling author and professional coach Laura Berman Fortgang, Now What? is a 90-day program that helps people advance their careers and improve the overall quality of their lives. People can either follow the Now What? curriculum on their own or under the guidance of an Authorized Facilitator who has been trained by Laura Berman Fortgang via several months of in-depth coursework.

The main goal of Now What? is to help people uncover what they want in life and then make the changes to attain it. Fortgang’s program, which is outlined in her book Now What? 90 Days to a New Life Direction, establishes week-by-week goals and provides tips and exercises to achieve them. Professional coaches trained in the program help clients implement the curriculum through guided questioning and exploration that establishes a strong foundation for ongoing and sustainable life improvement.

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For nearly two decades, Dr. Sandra Schiff has served as the president of Health Mate, Inc., in Southeast Michigan, where she provides car...