Friday, February 12, 2016

The Benefits of Friendship in Adulthood

As the president of Health Mate, Inc., and the head of SMS Coaching, Sandra Schiff provides coaching services in areas ranging from parenting to career transition. Specializing on the needs of older adults, Sandra Schiff understands the interpersonal connections that enhance life enjoyment and aging with dignity.

According to recent research, approximately 25 percent of American adults claim to have no one with whom they can share their concerns and triumphs. Those without a close confidant among their immediate family members seem to have no confidants at all. Data shows that this lack of intimate friendship not only reduces one's quality of life but can also impact overall health and longevity.

A study at Flinders University of Australia followed close to 1,500 older adults and found that a strong network of friends led to a 22 percent increase in longevity. Close relationships with family had no such effect. Strong social networks have also proven effective at improving cancer treatment outcomes, lowering blood pressure levels, and reducing the risk of both depression and dementia. Research has even shown that the presence of a friend can make a task appear less daunting, thus suggesting that the certainty of support in a friendship improves outlook and minimizes stress.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The PeopleMap System - Test, Facilitators, and Results

Dr. Sandra Schiff is the president of Health Mate, Inc., a Michigan-based organization that helps individuals through life coaching, training, and consulting services. In that role, Dr. Sandra Schiff capitalizes on her expertise in organizational effectiveness as a certified PeopleMap facilitator.

Licensed psychologist Michael Lillibridge, Ph.D, developed the PeopleMap System, which consists of a personality questionnaire and corresponding programs that focus on effective communication, leadership styles, and achieving optimal productivity and performance. The personality test only consists of seven questions, but it yields a 95 percent accuracy rate. Like Myers-Briggs and similar questionnaires, the PeopleMap test organizes individuals into four different personality types. Facilitators guide participants through the test and a standard training program called “Understanding Yourself and Others.” Additional developmental programs are available that build on the initial course.

A survey of 525 participants concluded that individuals experience significant positive progress in categories like conflict resolution, productivity, and communication after completing PeopleMap training.

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