Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Seeking out Companies That Offer Lateral Growth Potential

A Southeast Michigan executive and leadership coach, Dr. Sandra Schiff also functions as a NOW WHAT?® facilitator. As such, Dr. Sandra Schiff assists clients in career transitions by helping them define their skill sets and realize rewarding opportunities by finding their paths. 

Some companies encourage not just vertical movement, but also lateral movement. This recognizes the fact that performing the same job can turn into a dead end over the years. For some, it makes sense to seek out organizations that offer a variety of interrelated positions and actively encourage cross-functional movement over the course of a career. 

Rotational programs typically immerse employees in a number of departments and workflow settings and give them a well-rounded base of skills that they can take with them in better defining their capacities and talents. This is one aspect of a company that it may make sense to research before settling on a job, no matter how appealing it appears in the short term.

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