Friday, April 28, 2017

What the Now What?(R) Program Offers to Prospective Facilitators

A professional coach and consultant who serves as the president of Health Mate, Inc., Sandra Schiff focuses on the techniques that can be used to rewire the brain so people can make the changes they want or need. Further, Sandra Schiff is an Authorized Facilitator of the Now What?(R) program.

Created by public speaker and life coach Laura Berman Fortgang, the program provides life transition coaches with the tools they need to help others make headway in their efforts to move into new careers.

In addition to receiving training in how to implement the 90-day program, which helps coaches with everything from communicating the Now What?(R) message through to offering a blueprint for the successful implementation of its core concepts, the program also provides Authorized Facilitators with access to support from a marketing perspective and a trusted brand that can be relied upon to produce results.

Further, Authorized Facilitators gain access to logos and brochures featuring this branding and are offered the opportunity to supplement their learning with over 30 additional training modules.

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