Thursday, May 19, 2016

WSU School of Social Work: Transition to Independence Program

Dr. Sandra Schiff provides a variety of training, consulting, and coaching services as president of Health Mate Inc. in Southeast, Michigan.The recipient of a PhD in psychology and geropsychology, Dr. Sandra Schiff also holds a master of social work from Wayne State University (WSU), where she currently serves as an adjunct faculty member.

Wayne State University was founded in 1868, and is a highly recognized research institution with an extensive campus in Midtown Detroit. In 2012, the School of Social work became the third-highest ranked program at the university.

Wayne State University’s School of Social Work runs the Transition to Independence Program (TIP), which was designed to offer young adults in foster care better access to college and improve their graduation rates. One of the program’s services is the dissemination of education-related news that affects this population.

TIP recently undertook an analysis of tuition waiver programs, exploring their prevalence across the country and determining areas for improvement. The analysis presented seven areas of comparison between the programs, which exist in 21 states.

All but one of the programs cover the cost of tuition and school fees. One exception, in Connecticut, offers coverage of books and housing only.

In 17 states (81 percent), the programs specify an age at which children must have been in foster care in order to be eligible for coverage, and eight programs require youth to have been in care for a minimum number of years. The majority of states will consider adopted teens for the program.

Academic standing is taken into consideration by 14 of the 21 programs (67 percent). Applicants are required to uphold a minimum GPA or show satisfactory progress. Only a few states require candidates have extra-curricular involvement, such as community service.plea

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